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Workflow not evaluating to true when it should


I have a Workflow on Leads, which is a formula (also tried as a Filter), the content:

Days_from_Creation__c = 1 && HasOptedOutOfEmail = False && My_Drip__c = null

This is from the debug log:

16:44:56.389 (3389165000)|WF_FORMULA|Formula:Days_from_Creation__c = 1 && HasOptedOutOfEmail = False && My_Drip__c = null|Values:Days_from_Creation__c=1, My_Drip__c=null, HasOptedOutOfEmail=0

16:44:56.389 (3389174000)|WF_CRITERIA_END|false

As you can see Criteria evaluates to False. I don't understand why. The only thing that is strange is that while HasOptedOutOfEmail is a standard field in Lead and is of type Checkbox (thus Boolean) it prints out that the value is 0 instead of False (in the log).

Any ideas?

Attribution to: Alexandru Luchian

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Replace My_Drip__C = null with Isblank(My_drip__c).

= null doesn't work well in WF rules. ISBlank(Field) is better than IsNull(Field). IsBlank supports more field types.

So your rule formula would be:

Days_from_Creation__c = 1 && HasOptedOutOfEmail = False && isblank(My_Drip__c)

Attribution to: Salesforce Wizard

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

The problem was the fact that the WF was executing "When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria". After I switched to "Every time a record is created or edited" it started working.

Attribution to: Alexandru Luchian
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