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Where is the Flex Zip file referred to in a link in Flex developers guide Nov 9 2012?


I have been searching the web for 2 days and I cannot find the Flex Toolkit for Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 Premium. The link referred to in the Flex Developer`s Guide dated Nov 9 2012 is non existant - I end up on the developers Page!!! I can only find a zip file of the old Toolkit dated 2009 in a completely different place. The IDE file referred to in Eclipse Market Place does not install and clashes with the Eclipse Java module that is preinstalled in Flash Builder. Removing that file causes Flash Builder to hang. Please help I am going nuts!!!!

Attribution to: greggthebax

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

The link goes to this page:

Sadly, the 2009 build is the latest version. Rumor has it that the Flex team inside of Salesforce has moved on to other projects.

I was still able to develop an app in Builder 4.6 using the 2009 toolkit, but I had to create a new OAuth engine for user login. But after you get a session ID, the old toolkit works like a charm.

Attribution to: Scott VonSchilling

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

There are various Flex projects for, but none are still in active development. The old Flex for (aka Stratus or F3) was not updated for the latest version of Flash Builder and hence has some basic compatibility issues unless you are using Builder 4.5 (I believe it was) or below. This is probably what you are running into - unfortunately to maintain that project required Adobe involvement which no longer exists, and there's nobody working on it internally in that I know of either.

The link Scott refers to ( ) points to the generic SOAP based toolkit which formed a decent chunk of the Flex for functionality, but does not includes some of the components or offline syncing.

If you are doing AIR development, you can also use this REST/OAuth library I wrote sometime ago:

However, there are issues with Adobe's implementation of the Flash Player which means you wouldn't really be able to use it within Visualforce (for example).

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