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Where can I add a trigger on the ChatterMessage object?


I want to use the fields of the ChatterMessage object. So I made an instance of ChatterMessage but then where do I have to make a trigger for ChatterMessage?

public List<ChatterMessage> filterChatterMessage(List<ChatterMessage> cm)
    return filterBody(fm);

public List<SObject> filterBody(List<SObject> sobjs)
    for (SOBject feedObject: sobjs)
        if(feedObject instanceOf ChatterMessage)
            body = ((ChatterMessage)feedObject).Body;
            ConversationId = ((ChatterMessage)feedObject).ConversationId;
            SenderId = ((ChatterMessage)feedObject).SenderId;                
            SentDate = ((ChatterMessage)feedObject).SentDate;

So where do I have to make a trigger for the ChatterMessage?

Attribution to: Kishan

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Chatter messenger doesn't have an API as yet - I believe it is on the roadmap.

Attribution to: Bob Buzzard
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