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Whats's the best way to "package" a Site that comes with a managed package?


I am looking for the best way to include a Salesforce Site within a managed package, my current plan is to include the Site Active visualforce page i.e. the landing page and all of the other metadata components in a managed package, create sites manually in organizations where the package has been installed and reference the Visuaalforce page in my managed package as the Site home page?


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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

That's the way that I usually do it, as long as the customer doesn't need to be able to customize the pages in the site. Adding a Visualforce page to a site also includes any Apex code and Visualforce components that it relies on.

I also include a setup guide as part of the package that walks the administrator through the site setup, especially if I'm expecting it to be installed by admins that are unfamiliar with this process.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

One approach we take is to have a Start Here page that dynamically checks to see whether a customer has created a Site yet. If they have not, a 'Create a Site' link is presented that takes them to the New Site page. This Start Here page dynamically checks using JavaScript, so as soon as a Site has been created, it knows, and then prompts with the next step in the process, e.g. setting Profile settings for the newly-created Site's Guest User profile.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #3

Do remember one thing. you can reduce a great deal of the manual post-install steps by packaging a Permission Set containing:

Apex Class access Visualforce Page access Object CRUD permissions Field Level Security permissions

Then in your documentation, instruct users to create (or edit) their Site, go to Public Access Settings > View Users, then create a Permission Set Assignment on the Site Guest User which enables all the relevant pages and classes in one fell swoop without a bigass checklist of individual configs.

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