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What's the easiest way to pull related data for a report?


I want to create a report that fetches data from a related list and outputs it alltogether.

Say, I have one custom object crm with the following fields: name, contacts - where contacts is a related list with extra fields type,street,zip andcountry.

When I create a report on the custom object, it just shows the type field, that was connected with the initial custom object.

But I also want to display the other fields on the report. I tried to create a custom report with relationships, but the relationship does not get displayed, just activities from the crm object.

How can I get such a list with all names from crm plus the full related contacts?

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

You can get this by creating a new Custom Report Type in Setup > Create > Report Types. This would then show up as an available report type in the Report Builder for you to select. From your example, crm would be the primary object with contacts as the child. A limitation with custom report types, though, is it can traverse only 1 relationship path and (I believe) up to 5 levels. If crm were to have another related list, that data could not be included this way.

Another option, if you have Enterprise or Unlimited edition, is to use a Joined Report. Create a new report for crm, then change the format (next to Preview label) to Joined Report and click Add Report Type (top, next to Run Report) to add contacts and group by a common field.

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