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What are the tools to help import my data into Salesforce


I am switching from old CRM and looking for easy to use tools to import my data

Attribution to: Mark Kofman

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

You have 2 options provided by Salesforce:

1: Salesforce Import Wizard: The easiest option built into your application. To open it go to Your Name | Setup | Data Management. It works with any Salesforce edition and in many cases is enough to get your data imported.

2: Data Loader: Data Loader is another tool provided by Salesforce. It is a standalone application for Mac or PC and is available for download at I would call it an advanced version of Import Wizard that allows you to do more sophisticated migration tricks. You need to be at least on Enterprise Edition to use the Data Loader.

Also various 3rd party vendors have built data import tools.

If you want to learn more, I have written a blog post about tool options for import:

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

On the third party front, there are various free and paid solutions:

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #3

You also might check out talend:

Open Source data migration tool

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #4

As mentioned in other answers there are free methods provided by - the web-based import wizard and the Data Loader. There are also a large number of free and paid apps available via the AppExchange under the Integration and Data Management category. Many of the tools have added functionality such as importing directly from databases, data cleansing, etc.. Many of those tools will also offer free trials to allow you to test in-house for a short period.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #5

The Jitterbit Dataloader for Salesforce is awesome and FREE! Hands down the best solution for almost any job.

Attribution to: Jon J

Possible Suggestion/Solution #6

We are currently recommending Skyvva as this enables lookups and transformations within the integration.

It is FREE (unless you want to schedule loads and use connectors to other databases, SAP, ODBC etc) and works with Professional edition up.

If you want to upgrade to a scheduled solution you can purchase a licence for the java agent to 'push' the data on a schedule.

NB Skyvva and Skyvia are different products, we recommend Skyvva

Attribution to: Jason Lawrence

Possible Suggestion/Solution #7

Salesforce CLI data Commands

The Salesforce CLI has data commands which allow you to manipulate records in your org.


The data:bulk:upsert command allows you to insert new rows and update existing rows from a CSV file.

Suppose you have a CSV file (example.csv), formatted in the following manner, containing data to be upserted into the Contact sObject:

* ------------------------------------------------------ *
| Id                 | FirstName | LastName | Phone      |
| ------------------------------------------------------ |
|                    | John      | Doe      | 5558675309 |
| ------------------------------------------------------ |
| 003XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX | Jane      | Doe      | 5552738255 |
* ------------------------------------------------------ *

The source of the CSV file would look something like this:


You could use the following command to insert the new contacts and update the existing contacts:

sfdx force:data:bulk:upsert --sobjecttype Contact --csvfile example.csv --externalid Id

Attribution to: Grant Miller
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