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Visual Workflow Error in managed packages


I am playing around with Salesforce visual workflow but getting an error 'The (DB_Add_Object) element in your flow has validation errors.'

I'm just trying to create an object based on a few fields on a screen element.

When I manually create the Object it works fine and there are no validation rules on the object.

I also added a test screen before load to make sure the fields are populated alright.

My question is how can I debug visual workflow? The debug log does not seem to have more detail on the error, am I missing something?

EDIT: From some more testing, it seems to be a managed package issue, something to do with the namespace I would assume. Has anyone tried using the Create Record function in a managed package on a custom object? It seems to work ok on standard objects.

Attribution to: Kris Moyse

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Take a look at Fault Connector Overview and $Flow.FaultMessage in the Flow documentation. This will allow you to route any faults (which get swallowed by default). You can see it in action here as well, we recently published an article on using this fantastic tool! enter image description here

Attribution to: Andrew Fawcett
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