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URL management / readable URLs in visual force


We are considering developing a new version of our website (where our customers can purchase and manage certain types of content) on the platform. We have a business/usability requirement that urls needs to be readable and user friendly.

Can this be achieved when using visual force pages ? So far I've not come across anything trying to research this.

We would want to avoid any URL's like‚Äčindex.jsp?category=legal&id=patents, but have them as

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Assuming you are using Site for this, you can customize the url to your hearts content as long as you register your domain for your organization. You can do so under Setup -> Develop -> Sites. Then setup a redirect from your domain name to this custom url.

Check out the Sites FAQ for more info.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

You can do URL rewrites with Apex. See for a good explanation of how to do this.

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