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Too many filters - You can only create up to 20 field filters : on a Tabular Report


I am creating a Tabular report on Contacts. Contacts object has got many customized fields as well. I want to list few details of all my contacts (contact of type 'Student') who has got certain fields (around 23) non-empty.

I started adding the filters as below..

Filter Logic: 1 AND (2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5 OR 6 OR 7 OR 8 OR 9 OR 10 OR 11 OR 12 OR 13 OR 14 OR 15 OR 16 OR 17 OR 18 OR 19 OR 20) 1. Contact Record Type equals "Student" 2. Career Interests not equal to "" 3. Career Interest Details not equal to "" : : 20. Preference in Country to travel to not equal to ""

Now on adding any further filter for remaining fields, I get the following message: "Too many filters - You can only create up to 20 field filters"

Can someone please guide me, how I could create these report as I have around 24 filters?

Attribution to: pravs

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Create a formula field on the contact object that checks if all the fields you are looking at are blank and filter on that field and the contact recordtype.

formula field:

 ISBLANK( field1__c),
 ISBLANK( field2__c),
 ISBLANK( field3__c),

Attribution to: Greg Grinberg

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

you can also bundle together filters that are on the same field and use comma separated values like

field1_c equals 1,2,3,4 field2_c equals "this", "that"

that should save you some space

Attribution to: Keith Mancuso
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