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Is there a way to customize the items to approve list on the home page


I just want to see if its possible customize the items to approve the items to approve list on the homepage. I actually want to show submitter instead of most recent approver. Is this possible?

Another possibility i am exploring would be to have an option to bulk approve ie to have a checkbox against each item to approve record and have a button to bulk approve.

I can see that we have this option on the manage all button, is there a way to have it on the home screen itself?

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

No. If you go to the Home page setup My Name->Setup->App Setup->Customize->Home you will see options for Home Page Components, Layouts and Custom Links. On the Components page the only standard components that can be edited are Messages & Alerts and Custom Links. If you go to the Page Layouts you will see that your only options are which to components to include, again without customization.

An alternative might be a custom Visualforce page that you set as the default for your users.

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