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Is there any way I can share Videos on Chatter other Than youtube


Is there any way I can share Videos on Chatter other than posting it on YouTube.

I do not want to share content on YouTube, wanted to keep that within the organization.

Attribution to: Manisha

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

If you want to share screencast for user training or something and then keep it within organization, then I think you should following following steps -

Install Jing free version and record screencast which is will be stored as a flash object and post if to chatter. When user clicks on it it will open as a Video. thats it.

Attribution to: Prafulla Patil

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

Vimeo might be better for a couple of reasons - (1) Some companies block YouTube entirely (2) Vimeo's privacy conventions are slightly more usable than YouTube as they offer the ability to password protect individual videos.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #3

In the Winter 13 release, Vimeo can be embedded in the feed as well, just like Youtube:

see "Preview Links" on page 26

Attribution to: Chris S

Possible Suggestion/Solution #4

Yes there is a way. Your users can attach files to Chatter posts themselves. Here is the Salesforce help documentation.

You can attach all file types, including Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, to Adobe® PDFs, image files, audio files, and video files. The maximum file size is 2 GB.

When you attach a file, consider the following:

When a file is posted to a feed, everyone in your company can see it even if the file started out as private. Only files posted in a private group stay private within that group.

Attaching a file from a group or library creates a reference to the file. If you update a file in Salesforce CRM Content, the updates are also reflected in the feed.


  1. Click File at the top of your feed to attach a file to a post, or Attach File below a comment to attach a file to a comment. If you’re commenting on an update resulting from feed tracking on a file, the Attach File option isn’t available.

  2. Do one of the following: Click Select a file from Salesforce to attach a file that someone has already uploaded. Click Upload a file from your computer to attach new files from your computer.

  3. Browse for the file you want to attach. Links, Google docs, documents from the Documents tab, and attachments from the Notes and Attachments related list aren't included in the Select a File to Attach list. For more information about finding files to attach, see Searching for Files to Attach to a Chatter Feed.

  4. Add a post or comment about the file. If you don’t enter any text, a generic update is posted with your attachment.

  5. Click Share.

Attribution to: Peter Knolle
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