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Sharing documents with High volume portal users


My problem is similar to this but also with the added problem of security. High Volume Customer Portal user - Insufficient Privileges for non-image Documents

  1. I want only a certain group of people (High volume portal users) to be able to see documents.

  2. Just like how we have record level security where these portal users can only see records belong to their account, I want them to be able to see the documents that belong to their Account.

Currently like like the issue above, my portal user cannot see the document. I can see it when I am logged in.

Guys I am hoping there is someway we can securely allow this kind of users to view documents. I have looked online and did not get answers.

from comments: I am hoping Salesforce has something for this. This is coming from their framework and so I hope there is something we can do to display attachments/documents to portal users securely.

Attribution to: Richard N

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

If you make the documents attachments to custom objects owned by the HVCP user and then use Visualforce pages to display the attachments, that should give you the security you need (Document attachments have the visibility of the object they are attached to AFAIK).

Salesforce support can increase the maximum size of attachments on request as well if size is a concern.

Attribution to: Steven Herod
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