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Salesforce Case Feed custom button problem


We are just switching on the case feed within our Salesforce org but have noticed a rather irritating issue. We have a number of custom buttons and when we go into the list and click on the link / button within the drop down list all works well.

enter image description here

for example 'Case ID' is simply a javascript alert that shows the Case ID (this is just an example). We click from the list as in one of the values as shown here

enter image description here

and we get this:

enter image description here

if we do this from the default value in the list

enter image description here

then we get redirected to ( http://{instance} )

enter image description here

this seems to be the case for any javascript buttons only. If the button is simply a link to some normal or visualforce page, it works fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a workaround until Salesforce fix what seems like an apparent platform issue? I'd love a solution that is efficient, i.e. not requires redirecting to some visual force page which does what the button should do and the redirects back to the case we came from.

Attribution to: Martin Peters

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Answering my own question. Salesforce have confirmed that the behavior is a bug with no known release date for fix. The best workaround is to switch from custom button to custom links which are rendered differently in case feed (one by one in a list, not as options in a dropdown). That means all "buttons" are visible all the time and clicking them will work as you expect without bugs.

Attribution to: Martin Peters
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