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Report on Forecast of stage Overridden


I'm using customizable forecasting. I know the items like the stage, value, or period can be overridden for submitting a forecast.

The sales manager wants a report of all the opportunities that were forecasted for the current month that had their stage overriden.

Looking at the Customizable Forecasting: Opportunity Forecast report type I can report on: Period Overidden, Forecast Category Overridden, Amount OverRidden and Produc Unit Price...

I don't see stage. How do I build a report to include the Opps that have stages overridden in forecast?

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Stages aren't overridden. Stages are fixed. The Opportunity value and the forecast category can be overridden, but not the stage. I don't know what it means to override the period, but I don't believe the CloseDate can be overridden either. To state it a different way: Overriding only applies to Amount and Forecast Category.

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