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Refresh subsection of parent page


My VF page has 10 sections.Section-10 has 1 button(name-Attachment) and 2 sub sections. On button click a new VF page opens, where I have option to attach files. Once file is attached, user is navigated back to parent page. In section-10, sub section-2, I have a section to show all attachments. I have 2 different controllers and 2 pages for the parent and Attachment page(on click of attachment button).

My Requirement-I want to refresh subsection-2 of section 10(not the whole page), when attachment is done.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Are you using the reRender attribute ?

I'm imagining its probably :

<apex:pageBlockSection id = "section10">
<apex:outputPanel id ="section10A">
..... attachment logic
//have something here which invokes a rerender of the section10B

    <apex:commandButton value="Attach"  action="{!attach} reRender="section10B" /> 


    <apex:commandButton value="Attach" onclick"attachAndRefresh()" />
    <apex:actionFunction name="attachAndRefresh" reRender="section10B" />


    <apex:outputPanel id ="section10B">
    ..... Display Attachments

Here's the reference

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