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Programmatically obtain WSDL for Metadata API


It seems that there is a loose typed WSDL for SOAP API - Partner WSDL

Is there something similar for Metadata API or can I get a WSDL for Metadata API programmatically?

Attribution to: antonlitvinenko

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Yes - you can download the Metadata API WSDL by logging in to your org and clicking Your Name | Setup | Develop | API | Metadata WSDL - see the documentation on Downloading Salesforce WSDLs and Client Authentication Certificates for more details.

There is no supported mechanism to get the Metadata API WSDL programmatically, but since the WSDL does not change across orgs (see superfell's comment below), just download it interactively and you should be good to go.

Attribution to: metadaddy
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