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Prevent Username from being logged into multiple sessions and/or IP addresses Concurrently


Has anyone fielded a request to prevent a username from logging into multiple sessions at once?

The problem is that currently Salesforce does not have declarative way of preventing logins, of the same username, from multiple sessions. The idea of checking a username out and back in when it is in an active session would help curve, but not eliminate, folks sharing usernames and passwords.

Has anyone discovered a workaround?

Attribution to: Justin J Carlson

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I'm not aware of a proactive way of doing this. However you could build a report over the login history object and look for multiple concurrent sessions from different IP Addresses.

However if you have users that access Salesforce via the API or using the mobile apps then there may well be valid reasons why they appear to have multiple concurrent sessions. The source of the login should be indicated in the report to help identify these scenarios.

You could use the 'Users Logged in This Week' standard administrative report as a starting point

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