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Pipe seperated params in URL


I am passing Id's as pipe seperated params in URL and want to pass the params to salesforce reports e.g String param_ID_url = '701K00000002MtxIAE|701K00000002Mz9IAE';

when I try to pass to the button using Action global variable the url gets encoded and shows up as : 701K00000002MtxIAE%7C701K00000002Mz9IAE

Is there any way to stop this and let the | be as | symbol in the URL. I tried using substitute in the button code to substitute '%7c' with '|' still no lucj :(

Please guide me on how to make the | pass as pipe than encoding to %7c

button code:
&ReportId=00OK0000000FaWF?**pv0={!substitute(String param_ID_url,'%7c','|') }**

Attribution to: Rao

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

As shown on this tutorial:

your Id's should be comma separated as oppose to pipe.

Attribution to: Boris Bachovski
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