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Picklist Value not getting inserted in Save method


My page

 <apex:pageblocksectionItem >
            <apex:outputlabel value="Date Format"/>
             <Apex:selectlist value="{!dateval}" size="1" style="width:100px;">
               <Apex:selectoptions value="{!datevalues}"></Apex:selectoptions>
          <apex:pageBlockSectionItem >
             <Apex:outputLabel value="Counter Seed"></Apex:outputLabel>
             <apex:inputtext value="{!Settings.Counter__c}" maxlength="10" />

My class is

string dateval='yyyy';
public void setdateval(string S){this.dateval= S;}
public string getdateval(){return dateval;}

public list<selectoption> getdatevalues(){
    list<selectoption> Value = new list<selectoption>();
    Value.add(new Selectoption('dd-mm-yyyy','dd-mm-yyyy'));
    value.add(new selectoption('mm-dd-yyyy','mm-dd-yyyy'));
     value.add(new selectoption('mm/dd/yyyy','mm/dd/yyyy'));
 public void SaveSetting(){
 Sett.Date_Format__c = this.dateval;
 Sett.Counter__c = Settings.Counter__c;

here whence I click on save text field is inserted but picklist value is not inserted.I need to get picklist value also can I do it.

Attribution to: Eagerin Sf

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Try a different construction for the getter/setter of dateVal:

public class YourClass {
  public String dateVal {
    get { return dateVal; }
    set { dateVal = value; }

This is from the SFDC Apex doc on properties. 'value' is an implicit keyword referring to the value passed by the VF page (or any caller)

Attribution to: cropredy
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