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Parent entity failed to deploy


I'm trying to use the metadata api to do a destructive change call on all non-packaged components in my sandbox.

However, I keep receiving the following error:

layouts/SocialPost-Social Post Layout.layout(SocialPost-Social Post Layout):Parent entity failed to deploy


I found it: This layout is associated with enabling Social Contacts I went ahead and disabled social contacts temporarily, but it still came down with the page-layouts in the meta-data pull!

Attribution to: jordan.baucke

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Here's what I did....

I was receiving this error when trying to do a whole bunch of changes to my internal customized code base (uninstalled an unmanaged package which was basically a way of migrating stuff from another instance, but I was tired of it being coupled to this unmanaged package).

Here's how I dealt with them, one by one:

Save error: SocialPost : Cannot create workflow directly; must create the CustomObject first SocialPost.workflow

Solution: From your workspace filesystem, delete the SocialPost.workflow file.

Save error: Parent entity failed to deploy SocialPost-Social Post Layout.layout /1pel Sandbox/src/layouts

Solution: From your workspace filesystem, delete the "SocialPost-Social Post Layout.layout" file.

Save error: In field: layout - no Layout named SocialPost-Social Post Layout found Admin.profile Solution: From the profile XML metadata file, remove this section...

    <layout>SocialPost-Social Post Layout</layout>

Which can be done using ant:

<replaceregexp flags="sg">
    <fileset dir="src/profiles" />
    <regexp pattern="&lt;layoutAssignments&gt;\s+&lt;layout&gt;SocialPost-Social Post Layout&lt;/layout&gt;\s+&lt;/layoutAssignments&gt;" />
    <substitution expression=""/>

Not sure why this is happening... too bad the Eclipse IDE isn't open source :-/

May The SForce Be With You!

Attribution to: MayTheSForceBeWithYou

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

Here is another interesting option that I found when searching for the same error:

Salesforce Ant Scripts Modification

Basically you update your Ant script to, using regex, strip out all the social post layouts, profile references, etc. from your codebase prior to deploying.

Attribution to: Michael Welburn
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