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Package name not found in Your Uploaded Package section in APO


I am new to the Salesforce Releasing Process and I want to know the correct path for Salesforce SDLC.

I have created and uploaded a Managed Released package. When I log in to APO and go to the Link Your Organization section I give credentials of my packaging Org (in which I developed and uploaded the package). In the Your Uploaded Package Section it says it didn't find the uploaded package. Am I going in the wrong direction?

Attribution to: Axaykumar Varu

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By popular demand :), here's my first comment as an answer:

It's not the answer to your specific question, but I know sometimes when you upload a package, you have to wait a while for Salesforce. For example, when I upload a managed package and then try to install it in a Sandbox for testing a while later i get the same. I've had to wait a couple of hours before.

Attribution to: Phil Hawthorn
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