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Override Eclipse Metadata API Version


Is it possible to override the eclipse metadata api version? Often new details are available via the metadata api before the latest eclipse ide update (assuming that they actually include new stuff in the eclipse plugin). For example, I'd like to download tab visibilities for a permission set, but no matter what I do, the api version keeps rolling back to 24 (the current version of the plugin I have installed).

I've tried the following

  • Updated endpointApiVersion in .settings/com.salesforce.ide.core.prefs
  • Updated ideVersion in .settings/com.salesforce.ide.core.prefs
  • Updated metadataFormatVersion in .settings/com.salesforce.ide.core.prefs
  • Updated version in project package.xml

I know I can work around this using ANT, but would love to hear if the community had any suggestions for working around version gaps in the eclipse plugin.

Attribution to: Ralph Callaway

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I had the exact same problem. It took me a while, but I was able to upgrade finally.

I followed the update directions on the developer website through the start page:

I thought the update had completed successfully, but it took longer than expected. Make sure to check the Available Software screen (Help > Install New Software > What is already installed?)

enter image description here

Then verify that IDE is version 26:

enter image description here

If you see version 24, you may need to re-update. I did it through the Install Software instead of the start page (Help > Install New Software):

enter image description here

Once done updating the IDE, you still need to go into the prefs and change the endpoint to 26 as well as package.xml of the project you're working on. Once you hit save it will ask you to upgrade it to Winter '13. Hope this helps!

Attribution to: Adam Torman

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

I just go directly to the class metadata files (ClassName.cls-meta.xml), change the API version there and save it. It's a bit of a pain but you can do a ctrl+h to search and replace all versions, for example by globally replacing 20.0 with 26.0.metadata

Attribution to: Adam

Possible Suggestion/Solution #3

As far as I can tell this is not possible with Eclipse. If you want to pull metadata for a recent release before the latest Eclipse upgrade is release you need to use the Metadata API directly either via ANT or another tool (i.e. metaforce gem).

Attribution to: Ralph Callaway
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