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Manually selecting Salesforce for Outlook contacts


Is it possible to manually select which contacts get synced to your outlook via salesforce for outlook. Via a clean or a hack way, doesn't matter.

Basically each user should be able to select which contacts he wants in his outlook. However, there can't be any changes to the owner, that must stay the same!

Attribution to: pjcarly

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I don't think you can accomplish this with Salesforce for Outlook. You will need to use a paid application like Riva that allows for more customization. I worked with them to fulfill this exact requirement.

Attribution to: Eric Nelson

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

In a way, you can.

When you set up the Outlook plugin you are given the choice to pick which Contacts folder to sync. You could instruct your users to create a separate Contacts folder in Outlook (e.g. "Professional Contacts") point the tool to that folder and have them move the contacts they want synchronized to that folder.

Attribution to: JLiljegren__c

Possible Suggestion/Solution #3

When you set up a Salesforce for Outlook configuration, you need to identify a data set for contacts to sync. One of the options is to sync contacts that the user follows in Chatter. You could set up the data set so the only option selected is the Chatter one and then train your users to follow contacts they want to sync.

Attribution to: Daniel Hoechst
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