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Learn about Machine Learning


Trying to get a job as Data Scientist/ Data Analyst/ Data/ML Engineer? We will help you prepare yourself for the interview with basics. Also you will get to know the following:

How to crack the interview?
Do's and Dont's?

How much of statistics do I need to know?

Need to do a MS or PhD to become a Data Scientist?

... ... 

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Let's get started!!!


Q: Explain Central Limit Theorem?


A: Here, you dont have to explain the theorem in detail, rather answer them what it means & how Central Limit Theorem can be used (practical applicability). A random variable is independent, identical and distributed (iid) then the sum and mean of the sampling distribution will follow a normal distribution as n (no. of samples) becomes larger (n >30).  


Q: What is supervised learning and un-supervised learning?

A: Supervised learning requires labeled data for training the model. Unsupervised learning does not require labeling data explicitly. 


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