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Is it possible to use Office-connect with sandbox?


Is it possible to use Salesforce for office in sandbox ?

I would like to test before deploy my custom objects to production.

Attribution to: Guilherme Gobetti

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

It appears that according to SF Forum this is possible

Two ways were suggested

1. With a registry edit.
> In Windows go to start -> run -> regedit ->   navigate to:
> HKey_Current_User > Software -> -> SM ->  edit:  ServerUrl
> edit the url to say  (just take the 'www' and replace with 'test')

2. Modify the URL in the XML file i found in program file (C:\Program     Files\\Office Edition\Resources\1033) and the one in my application data on   my documents & setting :C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSER\Application   Data\\OfficeEdition\1036 and 1033.
Replace the by

*I have not tested this on my own though, as I do not use SFFO.

Attribution to: Saariko
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