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Is it possible to prevent a user from 'Approving' a step in an approval process if a certain field is blank?


Basically, I want to have validation rules run when a step in an approval process is approved. I would like the rule to take into account which step triggered the rule, so that each step can have different requirements for approval. Is this possible? Thanks!

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

A custom field for Step Number, or the Status field you were referring to

So on each Approval Step, say Step 1 Have an Approval Action to update the field to Step 1, indicating that Step 1 is approved. Have a validation rule which summarises the data requirements for approval


AND(Text(Status__c) = 'Step 1', ISBLANK(AccountNumber__c)), // Step  1 Approval Check
AND(Text(Status__c) = 'Step 2', ISBLANK(SomeOtherField__c) // Step 2 Approval Check


This will return an error to the Approver in each step if they haven't supplied the required information before approving. (The validation rule will be triggered by the Process attempting a Field Update on Approval)

That might not work. says 'Field updates don’t evaluate custom validation rules on fields.' :/ So this may not be possible to do

Don't know if an addError via a trigger will be any different.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

Validation rules wont work... handle this using trigger. Step 1: Update field using approval actions Step 2: write a trigger and validate the record fields.

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