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Installing Marketo Sales Insight app in Developer Edition org


I'm trying to install the Marketo Sales Insight app in my Developer Edition org but it's asking for a password. I did not receive any email. Anybody knows what the password should be?

I just installed the Marketo Lead Management App and that worked without problems...

Additional info in response to JLiljegren__c's comment:

The password request appears after you've logged in with your Salesforce credentials. Screenshot below. Any additional installation steps could only be done after installing the app.

I tried contacting Marketo, but their sales people tells you to talk to support, and support cannot be reached either by phone or by email if your phone or email are not in their contacts database (they literally send you an email back saying "[...]The email address used to submit this case was not recognized as an Authorized Support Contact[...]"). The app was installed in production by the client, so they are the authorized contact.

This is where it asks for the password:

enter image description here

It tells you that you can install it for free in a dev org but then it doesn't give you any way to complete the installation process...

enter image description here

All this comes from the fact that the client has the Marketo Sales Insight app running in production and I'm trying to install it in a dev org some I can do some additional work for this client (we have more than one dev in the project and we want each to have its own dev environment). I cannot deploy from my local project (which I pulled from the Sandbox) to the dev org where I want to develop because the installed packages break the build.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Marketo has some basic documentation (you will have to log in to your Marketo account to view it).

Getting started with Sales Insight:

Request Campaign and Campaign is Requested:

However, it's out of date and poorly written. Does anyone else know of any better documentation?

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

You can find required password in the "Get started" article.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #3

I had to get this password from a contact at Marketo. Was accepted by SalesForce without a problem.

Now I just need to figure out how to install & setup the app. Can't seem to find documentation anywhere.

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