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Inbound changeset not showing up in target organization


I am trying to deploy a change set and even though I have received the email notifying me that it is ready, nothing appears in the target organization. This is after multiple successful uploads earlier today with the same users. Is there anything that could be causing this?

Attribution to: Bob Roberts

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Sometimes it just takes a while before it shows up. It can sometimes take 20-30 minutes or more to even appear in the list. Even then it can take MORE time to actually be deployable.

If it's been more than an hour and you still don't see it then you may want to double check that you're deploying to the correct target organization.

Attribution to: Ryan Elkins

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

@Sdry A good one haha!

The availability of change sets in the target org can vary between 3 to 30 mins. Same goes with when deploying - deployment can go through in less than 5 mins or can take 45 minutes depending on the number of tests being run.

Attribution to: subodhbahl
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