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I am frequently getting error for workbench


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The workbench fails when i try to login.As you can see we have domain name changed for our org and URL is quite different.Do you think its because of that?

Please if anybody can point out why that happens will be great

Attribution to: Mohith Shrivastava

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

It looks like this happened during the OAuth login flow from Workbench, but this is an internal server error coming back from Salesforce, not Workbench. Notice the URL is for host If you're still having this error, the best thing to do is to file a support ticket with Salesforce and provide them the error number so they can look up what happened on the backend.

Attribution to: ryanbrainard

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

The developer force workbench definitely works for organizations that have a custom domain for both sandbox and production. Make sure to choose the correct environment when accessing a sandbox. I would raise a case with salesforce support as this is an internal error on their side.

Attribution to: Greg Grinberg
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