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I've set up a site in my developer edition and it looks really good, in the production I know we can map the domains and test the url with licence , but to put up a POC, can we somehow map the site to a domain and show how it actually looks like?

or am I missing something?

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Hi unfortunately you cannot do this in a developer edition. Most likely due to licensing concerns.

"You can mask your default site URL with your custom domain name. Simply create a CNAME alias via your 3rd party domain name registrar and point your custom domain name to your domain name and populate the Custom Web Address field with your custom domain name. You cannot do this for Developer Edition environments or Developer Sandboxes. "


You should however be able to see the site using the standard domain which will be in a format like http:// you can find yours at Setup - Develop - Sites

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

Shiv - Have you checked out's Anonymous Preview function? That generates a URL that you can share with others outside of so they can preview your site. provides two types of preview: regular page preview, and anonymous preview. You get to anonymous preview in the studio, on the upper right hand side.

Here's the help topic on it:

No need to map a domain name if all you want to do is share with a few others.

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