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how to switch off chatter feed tracking for a single contact record


how to switch off chatter feed tracking for a single contact record?

I need to change some info in a contact record and it shouldn't show anywhere in chatter that I have updated that value. It might even be an account name.

Is this possible? can someone help here?

Attribution to: Sathya

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

You can't do it on a per record basis but you could disable tracking for that one field which you are about to change, and then turn it back on.

Click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Chatter | Feed Tracking. Select an object. Here you can either disable feed tracking for Contact or alternatively disable tracking on the field you're about to change, and then turn it back on.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

As the comments have said - you'd have to disable and then reenable chatter for whole object or modify the field tracking. You can do it outside business hours if it's some kind of data fix.

(let's ignore for a while the fact that the whole purpose of audit fields is to track history and you might get in trouble during audit even if it's a valid data fix ;))

You can also run the data fix, then find the Chatter entries created by you & delete them. At least it worked for me when I had to delete one user's entry created from field history tracking, you might be best trying it out first in a sandbox.

SELECT Id, Name,  
(SELECT Id, Ttile, Body 
    FROM Feeds
    WHERE Type = 'TrackedChange' AND CreatedById = :UserInfo.getUserId() 
        AND CreatedDate = TODAY
FROM My_Object__c

Loop through the results, build List of Ids for FeedItems you want to delete and fire!

Attribution to: eyescream

Possible Suggestion/Solution #3

Create an after insert trigger that deletes the feeditem if the parent id matches that contact.

For extensibility, have a custom field called "disallow chatter" on that object.

Attribution to: Shane McLaughlin
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