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how to reduce the delay in action support?


There is custom controller with more than 60 fields and getter/setter. whenever action support call on onchange of picklist, it takes long time to display the result.

I noticed that it runs the getter method of the filed which we have used in the 'rendered' attribute. (for example: rerender ="{!isDisplay}").

any suggestion to avoid this delay?

Attribution to: goodForce

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

There are two answers hear that come to mind.

  1. If you have to have an instant response to a picklist change, it pretty much has to be done in Javascript.

  2. Check if you are using transient on variables and properties wherever possible to reduce the side of the viewstate.

Attribution to: kibitzer

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

If you're only changing one thing, wrap the changing element in an apex:actionRegion. Then only part of the form/page info is sent, and the round trip is faster.

Js remoting will be faster, but if you like to use standard visualforce and use less code, actionRegion helps a lot.

Attribution to: Shane McLaughlin
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