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How to publish a connected app (the replacement for Remote Access settings)


So I am trying to setup a remote access piece for using OAuth for a rails app. Remote Access in this org seems to have been removed and replaced by the new Connected Apps feature. When I create a connected app in there I get no option of publishing the app which means I am a little dead in the water.

Any ideas? I have tried on numerous orgs with all settings filled in (so I am attempting to reduce error by only filling in the required fields). Seems a bit odd that there is no help or any information., I have also raised a case with Salesforce but thought you guys might be quicker ;-)


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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

With Summer '13 comes the ability to package Canvas Apps. Because of this, you no longer need to Publish the app as you did prior to Summer '13 and Hence the publish button is gone forever.

Instead, simply create a package and add the Canvas App to the package (Canvas Apps are listed under Connected Apps in the component selector). Once you have added it to the package, simply upload your package.

Note, Canvas Apps (and Connected Apps) can only be added to a Managed Package.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

Ok, so I was just attending the webinar on canvas apps and as an aside they answered the question we've been burning to understand.

To publish a connected app, you must first establish a namespace for your development org. You can do this under setup -> create -> packages -> developer settings edit

Once you have saved a namespace, you'll see the publish button.

This is a SERIOUS usability bug.

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