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How to move accounts and contacts from one salesforce org to another org


I want to move accounts and contacts from one salesforce org to another. I know i can use the import wizard. The question i have is about setting up the csv file.

Do i have a single csv for both accounts and contacts or have individual csv for accounts and contacts?


PS: We have a group edition so we need to use only the import wizard

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You can have them in 1 import file. Use the "Customize Mapping" button, you'll see details (first 2 screens will talk about contact, next 2 about Account). You can even map 1 column to multiple fields - might be useful for address data for example.

Check out the training video - Help & Training in upper right corner, then search for "Advanced Importing" (there are also versions for System Administrators but not too different). In case of trouble - hopefully this direct link will work: Video is very old (pre-Chatter page layouts) but does it's job well :)

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