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How to get record name passing object name, record id dynamically


I am getting record id from Browser URL and I got the Object name using record ID. now I want to fetch the record name using record id.

I used dynamic query to fetch name using record id but I am getting error can anyone help to solve my issue.

Browser URL:

Record ID: 500900000070l0d

I fetched object name: Match =case

BrowserURLID =500900000070l0d

Dynamic Query:

  string qr = 'select id, CaseNumber from '+match+' where id=:'+BrowserURLId;

Error : I unexpected token: '500900000070l'

Can anyone please help where I did mistake or any other way to get record name using Object name and ID pass dynamically.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

My guess is that your query should be

string qr = 'select id, CaseNumber from '+match+' where id='+BrowserURLId;

Remove the : as SF would look for variable called 500900000070l

Attribution to: Prady

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

You got it almost right with the bind variable. Try this

string qr = 'select id, CaseNumber from '+match+' where id=:BrowserURLId';

I confess I like this version (with bind variable inside the query and not as concatenated Id) better, harder for anyone to pass &BrowserUrlId=500900000070l OR isDeleted = false and retrieve all cases. It's called SOQL Injection

(Would be extra awesome if you'd also check if match is one of valid values you expect, compare with a Set<String>{'Case', 'Account'} etc. or even a result of Schema.getGlobalDescribe().keyset())

If you really really want to play with string building (I advise against):

string qr = 'select id, CaseNumber from '+match+' where id=\'' + BrowserURLId + '\'';

(@Prady - you forgot about escaping the apostrophes ;))

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