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How do you change an Opportunity's Record Type in the web UI?


Originally our org only had one record type for opportunities but we've since added a second. I want to manually change a few opportunities to this new type. However, the Opportunity Record Type field doesn't appear to be something I can change. I would have expected a drop down of some sort.

Is there any way to change an existing opportunity's record type in the web UI? If not, can it be changed at all? Do I have to delete it and recreate it?

Attribution to: Ryan Elkins

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

you cant edit the record type of the object in edit mode.

If you go to the detail view of the page, you should see a field called record type with the link [change] next to it.

If you dont see that, edit the layout to add the record type field to the layout in question:

enter image description here

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