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How do we create a chatter group for a particular object


How do we create a chatter group for a custom object. In that group I want to post feed comments and feed posts regarding to that particular custom object and display in that group.

Attribution to: Ugesh Gali

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I believe chatter groups can't be specific to an object or record only. One possible way to achieve this could be via Apex triggers i.e.

  1. Create a private group via apex or manually
  2. Make required users follow the group programmatically based on your biz rules.
  3. Trigger on FeedItem or specific object to programmatically post/share object required updates on the group

Attribution to: Abhinav Gupta

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

An option you might want to look into:

This is a bit more general that creates a group for an "Alert" vs a specific object. The principle is similar.

Attribution to: Salesforce Wizard
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