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How do ISVs login to customer orgs after they have been granted access?


For a while now you have been able to grant administrator access to apps you have installed for support purposes.

A customer has granted me access but as an ISV I cannot see how to get into a customers org from either the org where the managed package is developed for the LMO org. I haven't found any useful documentation around this on DeveloperForce.

Any help from ISVs appreciated.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Providing the customer has gone into Grant Login Access and selected access to your app and not Support (as that is for Salesforce only).

enter image description here

Then in your LMO, you should see a Subscribers tab.

enter image description here

Which looks like this...

enter image description here

Just enter your customers name, click the entry and it should bring up a summary page with some licensing details on it etc. There should be a related list with users from that organisation that have granted login. Click Login next to the desired user.

Here are some useful links...

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