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How do i specify a formula field in task to display mobile


I want to show a mobile on the tasks. So i thought of creating a formula field on tasks, But i am not sure on how do i set the formula as the task could be related to a contact or lead.

How do i set it based on the WhoId so if a lead is selected then the mob of the lead is displayed or if a contact is selected then the mobile of contact is displayed?

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

If you have a field on contact or lead you can go for a trigger.After Winter 13 release we can get the sObject based on Id.

Here is an example

Id accid=[Select Id  from Account Limit 1].ID;
Schema.Sobjecttype inspecttype=accid.getSObjectType();
system.debug('Object Token '+inspecttype);

From the whoId of Task you can determine the sObject Type and then from the sObject you can pull the custom field value and populate on new field on task.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

You cannot reference polymorphic lookup fields (WhoId & WhatId) in a formula because they could be pointing to one of many possible entities.

You will need a before insert, before update trigger to query for those WhoIds, query for the Mobile and then set it.

Trigger TaskBefore on Task(before insert, before update){
    Map<Id, List<Task>> whoIds = new Map<Id, List<Task>>{};

    For (Task t :
        If(t.WhoId != null){
            List<Task> tasks = whoIds.get(t.WhoId); //this should be t.WhoId (not task.WhoId)
            If (tasks == null){
            tasks = new List<Task>{};
            whoIds.put(t.WhoId, tasks);

    For (Lead ld : [Select Id, Name, Mobile from lead where Id in :whoIDs.keySet()])
        For(Task t : whoIds.get(
            t.Mobile__c = ld.Mobile;

    For(Contact con : [Select Id, Name, Mobile from Contact where Id in :whoIds.keySet()])
        For(Task t : whoIds.get(
            t.Mobile__c = con.Mobile;


Attribution to: techtrekker

Possible Suggestion/Solution #3

The accepted answer above works when Task is created or Updated BUT suppose a Task created/updated 3 days ago and today someone change the field value on Contact. The new value will not be populated on Task. It will hold wrong information. So I think, to replicate formula field functionality, a trigger on Contact will also be required.

Or another workaround is to create a Contact lookup field on Task and populate it with WhoId if WhoId is related to Contact. Then you can create a formula field on this new Contact lookup field.

Attribution to: abdn
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