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How do I get information about the view state on a site page?


I know that the development mode footer has an option to show the view state which I've used before when developing internal Salesforce pages; however, I don't see how that can be used on a site page.

How do I get information about the view state when working with a site page? Ideally, the solution would work for site authenticated (via customer portal auth) pages as well.


Attribution to: Peter Knolle

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Go to Setup -> User Profile -> Select 'Show View State in Development Mode'. At the bottom of your Visualforce page you will see 3 tabs -> Visualforce page, Apex Class and View State. Click on View State to get more information on the state of your Visualforce page.

Attribution to: Thys Michels

Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

For pages that don't require customer portal authentication, you can access them through https://[instance][page name]. This gives you the entire development mode footer.

I don't have a solution for pages that may require authentication with a specific user.

Attribution to: Daniel Hoechst
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