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How to display values from one vf page into another vf pge


I'm having a VF page where I save the values of name and email.Now I have to pass this values into another page and need to display their.

Note: I'm saving values of name,email into Account,Contact directly through trigger....I'm not having any custom object for this.

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

You might use the tutorial for making a multi-page wizard.

Or if there's not too many parameters, pass them through URL (best would be to use ApexPages.PageReference, getParameters() gives you a map, you can put values there. But if you really want, you can craft the URL string by hand).

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

You could use pagereference class I would have this code on the commandbutton of the first VF page

    PageReference pr = new PageReference ();
    pr = Page.VFpage; // use the name of the second VF page
    pr.getParameters().put('Penddate', string.valueof(enddate1));

This should redirect to second VF page with the parameters in query string

and capture these on the constructor of controller of the next VF page using


You should have these ready to be used in the second VF page

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