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How to chose the close case layout for the mass close button in a list view


When users are viewing the cases that are assigned to a certain queue, they use that queues list view, and see these buttons:

List View Buttons

It is my intention that they should be able to use the close button on that list view shown above in order to mass close cases. However, I need to have a particular close case layout appear when I press that button, and do not not where I configure this from.

How do I assign the close case page layout that I want to appear when pressing the mass close button in the case list view?

Many thanks

Attribution to: Joe

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

You can edit / create new case buttons in Setup -> Customize -> Cases -> Buttons and Links

I see that you've made 'close case layout' italic, im not sure if that means you've got an s-control or vf page your using.

If its an s-control you can just edit the existing Close button and set it to use your s-control.

If you've got a VF page you will need to create a new custom button. You can then use the settings:

  • Display Type: List Button
  • Content Source: Visualforce Page
  • Content:

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