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How to change location of username and password in Customer Portal email


I have a very nice branded professional looking HTML email template for the New User Email Template for the email that gets sent for a new Customer Portal user.

The issue is that SF just appends the Username and Password on two separate lines after the entire email template in the email, making it look a lot less professional and out of place with the rest of the email. (Picture a nice centered HTML page with a border forming a box like look and then a few blank lines with plain text Username and Password left justified on their own lines outside of the box).

How can I get the Username and Password field to be part of the actual Email template? I don't see them in the merge fields. I'd be willing to move to a Visualforce template if that would work.

Am I just missing something?

If there is no way around it, I'd be very disappointed.

Attribution to: Peter Knolle

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I think that it is not possible. There is an Idea to "Make New User Template Email Notification in Customer Portal more professional"

The only problem is that the Idea is old so maybe it has been fixed and I just can't find out how (There is a 3 month old comment, though).

I'm 99% sure that there is no support for it. Salesforce did a half-you-know-what job with this (frustrated).

Attribution to: Peter Knolle
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