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How can I show (on a dashboard) what % one column total on the report is of another column total on the report?


In this situation, I am showing a report of outstanding loans. Each loan has an 'Amount Outstanding' and a 'Total Credit Line' field. Each loan also has a 'Amount Outstanding as a % of Total Credit Line' field.

I would like to display the 'Total Amount Outstanding of All Loans as a % of Total Credit Line of All Loans', however, just showing an average of the individual % fields would not be accurate because it is not a weighted average. How can I show this weighted average on a report (to then display on a dashboard)?

EDIT: Ok, it looks like I can add a Formula Field to a summary report that will calculate the :SUM of each of the columns, then divide one by the other. This is working, however when I click 'OK' after defining the formula, it is not getting added to the report preview, and it won't let me drag it on. Any idea why this is happening?


Attribution to: jackerman09

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I've created a sample report with the following assumptions:

  1. Loan is a custom object
  2. Amount Outstanding and Total Credit Line are fields on the Loan object

I then created a summary report, grouped by Loan Name, and added formula field, "Total Percent Outstanding", column defined as follows:

  1. Loan__c.Amount_Outstanding__c:SUM / Loan__c.Total_Credit_Line__c:SUM
  2. Grouped at the grand summary level
  3. Format is percent

The sample report is below: enter image description here

The total amount outstanding here is $129 out of $1,300 in credit, for a rate of 9.92% outstanding.

Edit: I just noticed you are asking for a dashboard. Which component are you hoping to use?

Update: The drag 'n drop problem was related to grouping, as discussed at

Attribution to: Mike Chale
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