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How can i add a formula field into a Opportunity Product Multi-Line Layout


I have a formula field on Opportunity Product which i need to show on the Opportunity product Mulitline Edit page. I cant seem to get the formulafield on the available Fields List.

I understand that we cant see a formula field on edit or new records and hence maybe these fields are not visible. Am i correct ?

Is there any other way we could get it displayed?


EDIT As e-bacho 2.0 mentioned i would also think VF page could be the only option. If we are using VF page, how do we get the Products selected from Product Selection page into new VF page?

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

That is possible with custom visualforce page which you'll need to override the standard edit page with.

Hope this will help - Overriding a Standard Button

Also : This Video

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