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Has anyone run into these two Winter 13 preview issues?


I know the Winter 13 preview has only just appeared, but I've run into two issues and am wondering if anyone else can reproduce them.

  1. I'm having trouble deploying code from a standard dev org (Summer 12) using the latest Eclipse IDE into a Winter 13 sandbox. The deployment fails after only a few seconds with an error "Unable to deploy components." Reason "REQUEST_RUNNING_TOO_LONG: Your request was running for too long and has been stopped. (UPDATE - I was finally able to deploy the project by deploying different types of components individually - first custom settings, then some custom fields and custom labels - finally Apex classes and VF pages. So it looks like this problem related in some way to dependency analysis on deployment. No idea if it is new to Winter 13, or if I just got unlucky with a bad combination of deployment components).

  2. I'm having trouble overriding the default log levels (I want to remove workflows and validation rules from the logs). On the developer console and debug monitoring it seems to have no effect. On the test class level I'm seeing a number of results:

    • Sometimes it has no effect
    • Sometimes I get an internal server error with a mysterious error number
    • Sometimes it works.

Please post a comment/answer if you have any suggestion or insights. Thanks.

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