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Gauge chart to show single record


Generally gauge chart components are used to show no of records. But I have a single record with one column count 30. That I want to show using gauge chart so my needle should point to 30. But when I used gauge component then it points towards 1 only. How can I make it to point 30? Any ideas?

Attribution to: doga

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

I was able to make this work with the following setup:

  • A custom number column, Account.ColumnCount__c
  • Created a Summary Report
    • Grouped by Account Name
    • Summarize ColumnCount: hover over the column heading and click on the triangle that appears and then select Summarize this Field. Choose Sum from the aggregation options presented
  • Create a new Dashboard
    • Added a Gauge
    • Selected by report as the Data Source
    • The widget automatically chose Sum of ColumnCount and the needle pointed to 30

Attribution to: Mike Chale
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