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Formula to show unselected mutl-select picklist values in a separate field


I'm trying to create a formula that will evaluate my Program_Type__c field on an opportunity screen and if that field is equal to "Accessories", it will then evaluate a multi-select picklist and if the picklist does not contain specific picks, it will display those as Paperwork Needed. Now I completely know this formula is incorrect, but maybe this will help you decipher what i'm talking about. Please help! I have rewritten this formula 1000 times and cannot get the information I need.

My overall goal is to show the unselected picklist values in a field.

(ISPICKVAL(Program_Type__c , "Accessories")   
(!INCLUDES (Paperwork_Completed1__c, "Bank and Trade Info" ), "Bank and Trade Info" + BR() , NULL) +   
(!INCLUDES (Paperwork_Completed1__c, "Business License" ), "Business License" + BR() , NULL) +   
(!INCLUDES (Paperwork_Completed1__c, "Copy of Driver's License" ), "Copy of Driver's License" + BR() , NULL) +  
(!INCLUDES (Paperwork_Completed1__c, "Copy of Voided Check" ), "Copy of Voided Check" + BR() , NULL) +   
(!INCLUDES (Paperwork_Completed1__c, "Credit Card/Debit Card Auth" ), "Credit Card/Debit Card Auth" + BR() , NULL) +   
(!INCLUDES (Paperwork_Completed1__c, "Personal Guaranty" ), "Personal Guaranty" + BR() , NULL) +   
(!INCLUDES (Paperwork_Completed1__c, "Req. for Taxpayer ID Number and Cert" ), "Req. for Taxpayer ID Number and Cert" + BR() , NULL) +   
(!INCLUDES (Paperwork_Completed1__c, "Terms and Conditions" ), "Terms and Conditions" + BR() , NULL))

Attribution to: Robin Terrell

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

The formula you've given us is a good start, with a few required edits:

  • you need a comma after ISPICKVAL(Program_Type__c , "Accessories")
  • each of the picklist values you check for will have its own IF statement
  • each of the strings that you're concatenating should be '' if it's not included, instead of NULL
  • you need an else clause at the end: ''

    (ISPICKVAL(Program_Type__c , "Accessories"),
    (IF(!INCLUDES (Paperwork_Completed1__c, "Bank and Trade Info" ), "Bank and Trade Info" + BR() , '')) + ... + ..., '')

Attribution to: Jeremy Nottingham
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