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Download WorkflowOutboundMessage type from metadata API


Attempting to perform a deploy on a set of unpackaged Workflow Rules and I'm getting an error that my workflows are missing: WorkflowOutboundMessage - is it possible to download these in the IDE or via the metadata api?

I'm not seeing the type listed in the available 'Metadata Types' in the IDE?

I do see a folder called 'Flows' but it doesn't list anything...

Attribution to: jordan.baucke

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Outbound messages are just one of the configurable actions for a workflow rules (others being field update, task, email). They can be found in the .workflow metadata file, which is possible to pull down into the IDE.


To pull down Workflows, select Workflow from Project Properties > > Project Contents > Add/Remove (in the IDE)

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

All Workflow rules and actions are contained in a single metadata file per object with the format like so: workflows/Custom_Object__c.workflow This is accessible by retrieving the "Workflows" through the IDE (but also through the metadata api)

One more spanner in the works is that if the Workflow rules/actions are for a managed object they will not be in the same location. They will be in the folder in the IDE Referenced Packages/[Package Name]/workflows/Custom_Object__c.workflow. I don't know what the implications in the metadata api are for managed objects as I haven't tried

IDE Workflows

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