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Do archived documents in Salesforce CRM content count against storage limitations?


I am loking for info if archived Content counts against storage limitations in Salesforce. Could it be possible that only benefit of archiving Content is having them not displayed in search results and in Library content?

Attribution to: Pawel Marszalek

Possible Suggestion/Solution #1

Just to throw in my two cents.

We had some clients that needed to upload and store very large files in Salesforce so we developed an excellent Salesforce storage App that gives you unlimited file size upload and unlimited storage capacity at a great price. It's used by some great companies, like VMware.

You can check it out here:

For Application visit:

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Possible Suggestion/Solution #2

Short Answer

Yes it does count!

How did I find out?

I can't find any specific information regarding the storage, but given that the limits are in place to control a multi-tenant system, and that you can retrieve archived content (as per the docs) it would be reasonable to expect that it does count. I just performed a simple test in one of my developer orgs, and uploaded an file to content which was ~1MB, this showed up in the storage usage screen as expected:

Storage after loading content

I then archived this content (note the icon):

Archived content

... but as you can see, it still counts towards my usage:

Archived content still counts!

After deleting the content I'm back to square one (Pawel's comment prompted some more testing here, there's definitely a delay, but archived content does seem to count, whereas content in the recycle bin does not)"

enter image description here

Attribution to: Matt Lacey
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